If you are a fan of bands that manage to put you in a state of “Full Power”, with strong influences from Post Grunge, Groove Metal and Alternative Metal, filled with excellent riffs, and moments that capture the attention for their beauty and performance, I can only say that you will not be able to stop listening to this band!
We really have a band here to add to your library and check out their musical development whenever possible, recommended at the highest level!
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André Alonso


Arriving on the music scene recently, the new track “TRUST” shows the world a totally unique approach through an authentic style of classic and wonderful Hard Rock.

With the strong use of its instruments, the sound masterfully joins a completely passionate vocal, which allows its listeners to enter the remarkable vibe of this track and let themselves be carried away by a beautiful feeling of comfort accompanied by a song of high quality.  Read full review...

João Victor

(Roadie Music)

Preparing for the release of their debut EP, “PHOENIX”, scheduled for the beginning of 2023, the Austrian band EGONS CRY, released in mid-November (17), their second single, entitled “TRUST”. Addressing the issue of confidence in their lyrics, the band delivers a very high quality Alternative Rock, with good weight, guitars that deliver good riffs and solos, pleasant melodies, varied rhythmic work and a vocal with a pleasant timbre that conveys the emotion that letter asks. Read full review...

Leandro Vianna


The second single from the up-and-coming rock group EGONS CRY is titled "TRUST". It comes from the EP PHOENIX, which will be released in the first half of 2023. 
What I like about "TRUST" is the powerful sound and the mood, reminding me of some solo material by Mark Tremonti (an artist that I love). The chorus is catchy, the vocals are very well performed, the rhythm section is very solid, the guitars sound heavy and they got a great sound (great solo too!). What do you want more? A very good video? You got that too!

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Giovanni Gagliano

(Given To Rock)

EGONS CRY, the newest revelation of Alternative Rock. ... The band ... at the end of September (23), released its debut single, entitled “DAYS OF THUNDER”. Delivering a good weight song, the band flirts with elements of Post-Grunge and Hard Rock, with a heavy rhythmic part, good riffs and strong vocals. The single is already available for listening on the main streaming platforms, having also received an official lyric video, which can be watched below. Read full review...

Leandro Vianna



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